Skudai Swimming class, jb Swimming coach ,士古来游泳班
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Course notes:
1, a one-time fee shall be paid before the first class, for personal reasons, such as breach of contract, non-refundable fees.
2, students 15 minutes to reach the designated school district in advance to wait for the sign.
3, as a result of the participants did not leave the case of absence, will be a waiver process.
4, the relatives can not be teaching students privately away from the teaching area, or they will not take any responsibility.
5, students appear unexcused absences during the case of teaching, teaching effect is not guaranteed.
6, the participants in the study period strictly follow the coach arrangements, otherwise it would not guarantee the teaching effect.
7, the parents will follow the scene to observe the provisions of date, otherwise the right to persuade them to leave.
8, have heart disease, high blood pressure, a history of seizures and other swimmers contraindications are required to communicate with the coach in advance, otherwise the consequences safety issues.
9, before doing swim training health certificate.

I have carefully read the instructions courses, swimming training courses voluntarily become customers.